Our Philosophy & Planning Process

“We follow a risk-managed investment philosophy that our clients, often more conservative investors, appreciate. We believe that by working to manage the risk in client portfolios, especially during times of elevated volatility, we can help them decrease their exposure and more easily stay on track.”


Galiano Wealth Management Group clients are hard working individuals, families, business owners and corporate executives who can’t afford to get it wrong – especially in or nearing retirement. We believe the key to building and maintaining wealth begins with protecting what you already have. That’s why we don’t spend our time chasing market returns. Instead, we focus on seeking to preserve your capital by managing downside risk in all market conditions. Our goal is to protect your money when markets are falling and capture growth when markets are rising.

Traditional values meet innovative strategies

Our approach seeks to place your best interests first. That’s just good business. As independent advisors, we have a vested interest in helping you pursue your goals. When you do well, we do well. To accomplish this, we address your questions and concerns promptly and honestly. We apply our collective knowledge, and breadth and depth of resources, to assist you in finding appropriate strategies for your circumstances, and want to help you establish your legacy for future generations.

Our proactive, client-focused planning process

We believe we have built a reputation for carefully guiding our clients toward financial independence using a proactive, client-focused process. You can count on us to help you define your objectives and develop a plan that closely aligns with your near- and long-term goals and your personal values.


We meet to gain an understanding of you, your risk tolerance and the goals for you and your loved ones, so we can then begin establishing a strategy specifically for your needs.

Analysis and Presentation

Taking into account your current needs and future goals, we analyze your financial status, evaluate the numerous options available and offer strategies we believe are most appropriately suited to help you keep your vision for the future in focus.


The plan you agree upon is put into action, with a schedule to manage and track every detail of the plan’s progress. Throughout our partnership together, we observe your plan’s performance, maintain consistent contact with you, and make adjustments, as needed, when the markets fluctuate or your personal situation changes.

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